Starting from our establishment Babi’s bistro is aimed at changing the entertainment scene in the capital, Addis Ababa. Our events have been a great success in terms of entertaining and creating a platform for amazing young artists in the entertainment industry.

We put on some new events to generate more interest and traffic at the heart of the bistro making it out life’s mission to create a friendly fun environment to make our gatherings enjoyable. Holding an event in our restaurant has been a great way to attract new customers and also create multiple repeat customers for its homey and cozy ambiance.

There are events to suit every business, including quizzes to game nights, VIP experiences to Q&A’s, guest appearances, and performers to celebrating special occasions and holidays. So much so, that we offer a different event every week. So far we have hosted different themed events at Babi’s bistro-like acoustic nights, karaoke nights, Sunday brunch, quiz night, ladies’ night, and much more.

Even though Covid 19 has been a challenge with our events, we are looking forward to starting our events by following all the necessary precautions and guidelines for prevention.